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Ordering Assessments in Different Languages

The Caliper Profile can be administered in one of 34 different languages, including US English. 

If a candidate's fluency is in a language other than English, this can be accommodated by ordering the assessment in their language – provided that language is available.


The resulting report language is determined by the language that is associated with the report selected from the Select Reports section. It is not always US English.

Ordering an Assessment in a Language Other than US English

The language of the assessment defaults to the language associated with your browser. To order an assessment in a different language:

"Order a Report/Assessment" button

  1. From the main screen, click Order a Report/Assessment. The Order Reports/Assessments screen appears.
    Click "New" to Create a new Assessee / new Assessment

Specifying the New Language

  1. On the Order Reports/Assessments screen, leave the Assessees field blank, and click New to the right of the field. The New Assessee dialog appears.
    Enter the assessee's First and Last Name, Email address, and the desired assessment language
  2. Fill in the information on the New Assessee screen:
    • Enter the assessee's First and Last Name.
    • Enter the assessee's Email address.
    • Click the caret at the right of the language field and select the desired assessment language from the drop-down list. The list is arranged alphabetically, first by language, and then by country.


      If a different language is not selected, the language defaults to the language associated with your browser.
      Language selected

      The chosen language now appears in the language field.
  3. Click Save. The new assessee's name appears in the Assessees field.
    New assessee's name in the "Assessees" field


    The language chosen doesn't show on the Order Reports/Assessments screen after saving the new assessee.
    However, after you Submit the Order, an order summary displays, listing the assessment language.
    Order summary dialog - shows language

Continuing with the Report Order

See Non-Required Fields in the article Selecting Existing and New Assessees to continue with your order.

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