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Ordering a Report for an Existing Job Title

When ordering a report, you must first determine whether it is for an existing job title or a new job title. The instructions below are for ordering a report for an existing job title.


See the article Ordering a Report for a New Job Title if you are ordering a report for a new job title.

Ordering Reports/Assessments for Existing Job Titles

To order a report for an existing job title, whether for an individual who has previously completed the Caliper Profile or a new assessee:

  1. Sign into the Caliper Portal. The Dashboard will appear.
  2. Click Order a Report/Assessment in the upper left of the Dashboard (or the upper right of the View Reports screen). The Order Reports/Assessments screen appears.


    If you are ordering a report or assessment and it will be from one of two or more companies, then the Select Company dialog first displays, prompting you to select a company.

    1. Click the caret at the right of the Please select a company before continuing: field and select a company from the drop-down list.
    2. Click Select. The Order Reports/Assessments screen displays with your selected company in the upper left corner.

Selecting an Existing Job Title

Select an existing Job Title. Let's say, for example, that you are ordering a report for the role of Client Services.

  1. Type any portion of the title in the Job Title field, and if it is an existing Job Title, it will appear in the Job Title drop-down.
    "Job Title" selection
  2. When you see the Job Title for which you are looking, select it.


    Selecting an existing Job Title will populate the Select Reports section report options—which can vary depending on the Job Title.

    If you do not understand what report to select, or don’t see the report you want to order in the list, you will need to contact your account team person.

Changing a Job Title

Job Title "Clear selection"

If you select a Job Title from the drop-down, and then change your mind and decide you have to create a new job title, you must remove the Job Title you selected. To do this, click the "x" to the right of the Job Title to clear the selection. Doing this will reset the Select Reports section in preparation for selecting another Job Title from the drop-down or requesting a new Job Title.

Creating a New Job Title

If you don't see the Job Title you want in the drop-down, you will have to create a New Job Title. See the section Creating a New Job Title in the article Ordering a Report for a New Job Title to find out more about creating a new job title.

Selecting the Assessee(s)

At this point, you need to determine whether you are requesting a report for an existing or a new assessee. The procedure for each is different.

Determining Whether the Assessee is In Our Database

At this point, you need to determine whether you are requesting a report for an existing or a new assessee.


You can now order a report for more than one person at a time, in one of two ways. You can either:

  • Enter the names one at a time in the Assessees field, following the steps below for each individual name, or
  • Import a .csv file with the names listed. See the article Creating/Importing an Assessee .CSV File for details on this process.

See the article Ordering Reports for Existing and New Assessees for full details.

Selecting Reports

When establishing an Existing Job Title from the drop-down list, a set of available reports predetermined by Caliper for that Job Title will appear. You can select one or a combination of the reports listed under Select Reports. You will also see the option to “Let Caliper decide.” This selection is primarily for use only when you are requesting a New Job Title.

Changing the Primary Contact for a Report

Your name will show up as the default Primary Contact for a report, but it is possible to change the Primary Contact, if necessary. You can set someone else up as the Primary Contact, or you can keep yourself as the Primary Contact and choose to Also Notify another individual.

Say, for example, that the person ordering the report works in HR, and the assessee would answer to a team of Engineers. To change the Primary Contact:

Click "New" to the right of the "Primary Contact" field

  1. Click New to the right of the Primary Contact field. The New Contact screen appears.
    "New Contact" screen
  2. Fill in the Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Phone, and Email fields.
  3. Click Save. The Order Reports/Assessments screen reappears.
    New Primary Contact

To select a different Primary Contact and change yourself from Primary Contact to Also Notify:

  1. Click the “x” to the right of your name to remove your name from the Primary Contact field.
  2. Type any portion of the name of your desired primary contact in the Primary Contact field and select that name when it appears in the drop-down.
  3. Type any portion of your name in the Also Notify field and select your name when it appears in the drop-down.

Administering a Proctored Assessment

To give a supervised assessment, select the Proctored Assessment checkbox.


See the article Administering Proctored Assessments for more information before giving a supervised assessment.

Placing the Order

To place the order, perform the following:

  1. Make certain all required fields on the Order Reports screen are filled in.
  2. Since this is an existing Job Title, the report that has been predetermined by Caliper will be selected.


    There may be additional reports that you can select. These are optional.

  3. Click Place Order. The Report/Assessment Successfully Ordered dialog appears, allowing you to review everything that you have entered.


    The email link received by a remote assessee will expire after 90 days. The assessee email will include the expiration date and time (UTC).

    "Report/Assessment Successfully Ordered" dialog
  4. Scroll to the bottom, and click OK. You will return to the Reports screen. From there, scan your recent reports for the assessee in question, or search—in the appropriate field—by job title or the assessee’s name. Ensure that the Show Pending Assessments box is checked, as shown below, to see the assessments that have not yet been completed.
    "View Reports" list shows assessment as not started

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