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Administering Proctored Assessments

You may prefer to have those being assessed complete the Caliper assessment at your business's facility, rather than taking it off-site, so the process can be more closely monitored.

The Client Portal can accommodate your preference to proctor an assessment.

Setting Up a Proctored Assessment

To administer a proctored assessment, perform the following steps:

Click "Order a Report/Assessment" button

  1. Click Order a Report/Assessment in the upper-left of the Dashboard or the upper-right of the View Reports screen. The Order Reports/Assessments screen appears.
    "Order Reports/Assessments" screen
  2. Enter the following information:
    • An existing or new Job Title.
    • An existing or new Assessee.
    • The selected report type(s).
      Select "Proctored Assessment"
  3. Select the Proctored Assessment checkbox if the assessee will take the assessment at your location.


    When the assessment is set up to be proctored, an email link will not be sent to the assessee.

    Checking the Proctored Assessment checkbox results in the display of a few new options and one new field. You now have the option of sending the assessment link to yourself (the primary contact) or to a different email entirely, (perhaps one you use solely for testing purposes).


    Neither checkbox is required. If you plan on starting the proctored assessment from the portal there’s no need to send an email to anyone.

  4. Click Place Order. The Report/Assessment Successfully Ordered screen appears, allowing you to review everything that you have entered.
    "Report/Assessment Successfully Ordered" dialog


    In the Assessee section, next to Score Source, this message appears: "A new, proctored assessment is required."

  5. Click OK. The View Reports screen reappears.
  6. The email address we designated in the Send Email to: field will receive a message that looks like this:
    Assessee email
    Embedded in the e-mail is a link to start the test-taking process.

Administering the Proctored Assessment

When you are ready to set up the assessee to take the Caliper Profile, sign into an on-site terminal where the assessee can take it in a supervised fashion.

  1. Find the order you just placed. It should be at or near the top of your page of pending assessments. Filtering on the job title and/or the Assessee name will help to isolate it.
    Click caret to the left of assessee
  2. Click the caret to the left of that particular assessee. A drop-down list of five actions appears.
    Select "Start proctored assessment" from drop-down menu
  3. Select Start proctored assessment. The Start/Continue Proctored Assessment screen appears, asking if you wish to leave your current session and start the proctored assessment.
    "Start/Continue Proctored Assessment" dialog
  4. Click Yes when you are ready for the assessee to begin. You will now exit the Portal for the moment, and the Caliper Assessment Registration screen appears. At the top of the Caliper Assessment Registration screen is a message asking you to accept Caliper's cookie policy.
    Cookie policy message
  5. Click Accept to indicate that you understand and accept Caliper's cookie policy."Caliper Assessment Registration" screen
  6. The assessee begins by verifying the personal information (First Name, Last Name, Email) and selecting a Salutation.
  7. The assessee then has two options:
    • On the lower-left portion of the screen, (s)he can sign up with a social-media account -- Facebook, Google, LinkedIn -- that shares the same e-mail address as the one (s)he is using to register with Caliper.
    • On the lower-right portion of the screen, (s)he can choose and re-enter a Password, and then click Register.
    • The Caliper Assessment screen appears. A welcome message informing the assessee of a successful registration displays in the upper left, and the assessee's name displays in the upper right.
      Assessment welcome screen
  8. The assessee then clicks Take Assessment to begin.


    The blue line beginning at the top left is a progress bar, indicating the assessee's progress through the assessment.


    Safety Feature

    For safety reasons, even if an assessee hits the "back" button of the browser repeatedly, your Client Portal session will have logged out upon the start of a proctored assessment. Therefore, none of your personal Portal account information will be at risk.

    Safety Tip

    Never save your password in the browser of a computer or tablet that you are using to administer proctored assessments.

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