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Administering Assessments FAQs

This page answers some fundamental questions about administering assessments.

What is the remote assessment process for an applicant?
  1. The assessee receives an e-mail with instructions and a link to the Caliper assessment.
  2. The assessee then follows the link and must first register.


    The demographic data is optional and does not need to be filled out (it is only for EEOC-compliance purposes).

  3. The Caliper Profile takes an average of 60 to 75 minutes to complete.
  4. The assessee must click Submit when the entire assessment is finished or the results will not be processed.
  5. At this point, the assessee is done. Any feedback to the assessee will be given by the company that requested the assessment.


    Caliper can never legally release results to a candidate. The only thing we can do is confirm that we have received a completed assessment.

When do I administer the Caliper Profile?

When hiring someone for a vacant position, we recommend using the Caliper Profile once you’ve narrowed down your choices to the few top candidates. The Profile will provide insights into each individual’s strengths, motivators, and potential trouble spots so you can make the best choice when faced with candidates who appear similarly suited to the job.

For current employees, you can administer the Caliper Profile at any time in order to help you make decisions about promotions or a new position within the company, as well as provide advice for developing someone’s full potential or uncover the source of an employee’s performance issues.

How should I explain the purpose of the Caliper Profile to an assessee?

When introducing the Caliper Profile, it is important to stress that this is a personality assessment, not a clinical assessment. It strictly measures and reports on how the individual’s traits relate to job performance. Also, emphasize that it is not a pass/fail test.

Instead, the Caliper Profile is part of the process of gathering information about an individual’s natural strengths, motivators, and potential to succeed in a particular role. Other factors to be considered in any important personnel decision include impressions conveyed in interviews, a review of past performance, and referrals from former supervisors. We suggest that you introduce the assessment process as one of many criteria for making a hiring, developmental, or promotional decision. Try to make it very clear that no single factor, including the Caliper Profile, is used to make a final decision.

Should I share the results of the Caliper Profile with applicants?

Caliper can never legally share the Caliper Profile results with assessees. The only thing we can do is confirm that we have received a completed assessment.

Do not share the Caliper Profile results with applicants, particularly if the feedback is negative. Sharing the results opens you up to potential liability, especially if the individual is disgruntled about not being selected, or if the results are shared with some candidates and not with others.


Once an assessee is hired, or if the assessee was already employed when asked to complete the Caliper assessment, we encourage sharing the results. The feedback can help that person develop and grow, while also demonstrating your commitment to seeing the employee succeed.

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