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Common Assessee Questions

This page gives answers to some common assessee questions.

Why can't I access the assessment?

Here are two possible scenarios:

  1. The link is broken.
    If you are unable to click on the link that was sent to you, or if it does not take you to the proper website, please contact the company that asked you to take the Caliper assessment. They may need to resend the link if it is broken.
  2. You are attempting to use an unsupported or non-updated web browser.
    The best web browser to use is Google Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is often not updated and may cause problems when trying to save your answers.
Can I take a Caliper Assessment on a mobile device?

An assessee can use a mobile device to complete an assessment. It may not be as comfortable as a desktop or laptop, but it will work.

Why can't I continue to the next page?

While assessees can jump from question to question on the same page if they want, the Instrument Manager will stop you from proceeding to the next page if all of the questions haven’t been answered.

And if assessees attempt to Continue prior to supplying the correct number of responses, a message reading “One or more questions below have not yet been answered. Please complete all questions before leaving this section.” appears at the top, below the banner.

What if I cannot complete the assessment in one sitting?

In order for your results to be consistent and accurate, we always recommend setting up enough time to take the full assessment at once. However, it is not timed, so if for some reason you need to close out and resume at another time, you can do so.

To get back to your assessment, please use the link that was e-mailed to you and log back in to resume where you left off.

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