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Caliper Analytics Overview

How Caliper Analytics Can Help You Manage Your Talent: From Hiring to Succession

Caliper Analytics is an add-on element of the Client Portal.

It helps you to readily identify and group like-minded candidates and enables you to collaborate and share talent analytics with others. 

Consultant Setup of Caliper Analytics

At the outset, a Caliper consultant will work with you to analyze and define the position(s) that you want to fill. In all, the consultant will help you by:

  • Identifying the Caliper Job Match(es) that correspond to the position(s) that you want to fill,
  • Determining key Competencies and Behaviors required for success in those position(s), and
  • Setting up those positions in the Caliper Analytics system and building your customized dashboard.

How Caliper Analytics Differs From Traditional Assessment and Development Tools

  • Traditional assessment reports provide you with an accurate snapshot of a candidate, employee, or team, but Caliper Analytics offers you a real-time story that can continuously progress and transform with your changing requirements. 
  • It is a dynamic and flexible web-based tool that allows you to view both the current and future state of your entire workforce and make decisions accordingly.
  • Rather than flipping through static reports that might have to be re-run every time the role changes, you can now adjust job requirements in an instant and immediately identify who in your data pool will fit into your current and future positions.

Using Caliper Analytics Once Set Up

As a Caliper Analytics client, not only can you assess potential candidates as well as current employees, but these results will be available immediately in your Caliper Analytics dashboard.

  • Using custom searches and filters based on key Job Matches, Competencies, and Behaviors, you can evaluate and select the best talent to fill your open positions.
  • Using additional display techniques, you can achieve a richer visual comparison of individual assessees.
  • Your Caliper consultant will be available at any time to discuss candidates and to help you throughout your hiring process.

When Would I Use cMetrics?

When you click Analytics from the Banner Menu, cMetrics is the default tab. cMetrics is most helpful when you are looking for someone to fill a specific role or fit a certain set of criteria (such as high-potential candidates). This section generates a visual representation of assessees' relevant job families, competencies, and behaviors for a client to view and compare readily. A company's entire database could potentially be available, although older or archived data may not be available.
cMetrics tab
cMetrics tab


See the article Using cMetrics for Screening and Selection for detailed information on cMetrics.

When Would I Use cTalent?

cTalent is best used for developmental purposes. cTalent allows you to look at patterns that exist within current teams and enables you to build hypothetical groups and create talent plots. Doing so should allow you to diversify a group and, using our four-quadrant view, foster a collaborative unit that features people of varying skillsets, not simply a group of like-minded people.

cTalent enables you to:

  • Look at how people function within an existing group
  • See the overall strengths of the team
  • Visualize how individuals relate to that group in terms of their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine good training opportunities for individuals in the group as a whole
  • Understand what roles people play in the team


See the article Using cTalent to Drive Team Success for detailed information on cTalent.

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