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Ordering Multiple Reports Via .CSV

When ordering reports for multiple assessees, you can simplify the process by importing a .csv file (spreadsheet) that contains columns for the assessees’ first names, last names, and email addresses. Using this method will enable you to quickly order reports on multiple assessees at the same time. 

Creating an assessee .csv file

  1. Open Microsoft Excel (or similar spreadsheet software) and create a new file.
  2. Enter your assessees' information as shown above:
    • Enter the First Name in Column A.
    • Enter the Last Name in Column B.
    • Enter the Email Address in Column C.
    • Do not use a header row.
  3. If working in Microsoft Excel, Select File > Save As.
  4. Enter a relevant file name. From the Save as type dropdown, select .csv (Comma delimited) on a PC or Comma Separated Values (.csv) on a Mac, and Save the file to your computer.

Using a .csv to order multiple assessments

  1. From your Dashboard, select Order Report.
  2. Select Import beside the Assessees field.
  3. Click the Select File field to choose a .csv file to upload. Navigate to the .csv file you created, select it, and click Open. The file name now appears in the Select File field.
  4. Select whether your file is in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets format.
  5. Change the language, if necessary, from the drop-down list. The default is English - US. The list of available languages is alphabetical first by Language, then by Country.
  6. Click Import. The Order Reports/Assessments screen reappears, with the names listed in your .csv file populating the Assessees field.
  7. Continue placing the rest of your order as normal.

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