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Ordering Assessments and Reports FAQs

What is the Order a Report/Assessment button?

Click Order a Report/Assessment to request an assessment and report for someone who has not taken the assessment (likely a job candidate), to request a report alone for someone who has taken the assessment (likely an employee), or to request an assessment alone for evaluation within the Client Portal without a report.

What is the process of ordering, an assessee taking, and receiving the results of an assessment?

It might help to represent the process with a flowchart:
Assessment Process flowchart


From here, the steps can vary depending on the Client's expectations that have been established with their Advisor.

See the articles Ordering a Report for an Existing Job Title and Ordering a Report for a New Job Title for more information on ordering Assessments via the Client Portal.

See the article Administering Proctored Assessments for more information on Proctored Assessments and Not Proctored Assessments.

What is an assessee?

The assessee is the person taking the assessment. It can be a job applicant or a current employee (for developmental purposes).

How do I order an Assessment or a Report in the Caliper Client Portal?

Click Order a Report/Assessment on the upper left of the Dashboard screen, or the upper right of the View Reports screen. On the subsequent Order Reports/Assessments screen, fill in the mandatory fields and click Place Order.

How do I send a link when ordering a Remote Assessment?

An email with a link to the assessment is automatically sent to the assessee when a remote assessment is set up and the order is placed. In short, the Portal keeps track of an assessee's e-mail, so if you are testing an existing employee, simply type his or her name into the Assessees field and click Place Order on the Order Reports screen. The link will be sent to the corresponding e-mail address so the person can take the assessment remotely.


Make certain the Proctored Assessment checkbox is left unselected when ordering a Remote Assessment. If this checkbox is selected, no email will be sent.

How do I resend a link to a remote assessee?

If for any reason the assessee does not receive the link, it can be resent.

  1. Navigate to the View Reports screen and find the individual who has not received the link.
  2. Click the caret at the left of that individual's row, and select Resend email to assessee from the drop-down list. The Resend Link dialog appears.
  3. Use the Resend Link dialog to resend the assessment link to the same email address or enter to a different email address.
How do I order an assessment in a language other than US English?

To order an assessment in a language other your Caliper Portal's default language, you will have to create a new assessee. In the New Assessee dialog, just beneath the Email field, is a Language drop-down field. The language of the assessment defaults to the language associated with the language selected for your Caliper Portal. Click on this field, then scroll to and select the language you would like for the test from this field.

See the article Ordering Assessments in Different Languages for detailed information.


The resulting report language is determined by the language that is associated with the report selected from the Select a Report section. It is not always US English.

When viewing the Dashboard or Reports screen, why do I not see the most recently taken assessments?

This is because the Show Pending Assessments checkbox on the View Reports screen is selected.

To see not-yet-completed assessments on the View Reports screen, select the Show Pending Assessments checkbox in the top left portion of the View Reports screen.

Also, the Dashboard only displays the most recent reports—no pending or completed assessments.

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