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A Tag is used to group assessees.

The following are examples of appropriate Tags:
Hiring manager, Region, Product line, Position title, Top performers, Hi-POs

Creating New Tags

Click "Settings"

  1. Click on the Settings gear icon from the Toolbar Menu in Analytics (to the right of your User Name). The Settings screen displays. The Tags tab should be forward by default.
    Click "New Tag" to create a new Tag 
  2. Click the Tags tab if it is not forward.
  3. Click New Tag on the left side of the tab. The New Tag dialog displays.
    "New Tag" dialog
  4. Enter a Tag name as an identifier for the grouping.


    The Tag Name is required and must be unique. You will not be able to save the tag if the name is a duplicate of an existing tag.

  5. Write a short description of this particular grouping.
  6. Enter any names in the Add assessees or tags field.


    • If you have no assessees or tags for this field, you don't need to add any here; you can always add either later on.
    • You can also import a .CSV file from Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.

    Enter any relevant information in the remaining fields (Contacts who can view this tag and/or Contacts who can view and edit this tag).

Searching for Existing Tags

To search for existing tags that have been saved, do the following:

Tag search result

  1. Begin typing the name of the desired tag in the Search box in the upper right of the Tags tab on the Settings screen.
  2. Select the desired tag, if more than one appears.

Assigning an Assessee to a Tag When Ordering Reports and Assessments

You can proactively assign an assessee to a Tag when ordering a report or assessment. To do this:

  1. Click Order a Report/Assessment from either the Dashboard or the View Reports screen. The Order Reports/Assessments screen appears.
    Click on "Edit" from the Order Reports screen
  2. Click Edit in the lower right corner of the Order Reports/Assessments screen. The Tag All dialog displays.
    Select an existing Tag from the "Filter by tag" drop-down
  3. Click the Filter by tag field in the Select tags: section, and a drop-down of existing Tags appears. If one of these tags is appropriate, select it.


    If the tag you want to use does not appear in the drop-down, you will have to create it.

    Enter the "Name:" and a "Description:" of the new Tag and click "Save"

    1. Enter the new Tag name in the Name: field in the Create new tag: section. We will create the new tag Recommended.
    2. Enter a description of the Tag in the Description: field in the Create new tag: section.
  4. Click Save. The Order Reports/Assessments screen reappears with the new Tag(s).
    The "Order Reports/Assessments" screen reappears with the new Tag(s)

    The assessee has now been added to the new Tag Recommended.

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