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Working with Your Caliper Team

How can my Caliper account team help me?

Your account team is a dedicated group of experts who support you in maximizing the value of your Caliper investment and addressing any needs that arise along the way. 

If you’re unsure of how to contact your team or aren’t sure which team member to contact, just reach out to our support team at (609)-524-1200 for assistance. You can also email We’ll help you get to the right person! The support team is available 8 AM - 6 PM, EST (GMT-5).

For targeted expertise, reach out directly to the appropriate expert on your Caliper team.  

Your Client Support Specialist will provide assistance in:

  • Navigating the portal
  • Setting up candidates/assessees and locating results
  • Scheduling
  • Connecting you with the right account team member when you have other requirements 

Your Account Consultant (AC) is your day-to-day contact for:

Your Account Manager (may also be called Strategic Account Manager or Regional Vice President) is the person to contact with questions about:

  • Contracts
  • Pricing
  • Other account-related business concerns
  • Caliper’s full range of products and services, such as 360-degree Coaching, Talent Audits, Analytics, and more

Your Client Success Manager (CSM) is on hand to:

  • Guide you on best practices for using Caliper’s products and services
  • Help you get started using Caliper
  • Hold strategic conversations about your human capital management needs and goals

Client Success Managers may work in conjunction with Account Managers to identify business solutions that address your selection, development, and performance challenges. 

Tips for getting the most from your Caliper team experience

  1. Be proactive about communicating. Keep us up to date on changes within your organization, if there are new contacts who need to be brought up to speed, or if you think we might be able to help address a performance challenge. The more we know, the better we can serve you.
  2. Take advantage of your subscription benefits. Caliper subscriptions bundle in more than just assessments. Your Account Manager and Client Success Manager can guide you in taking advantage of these additional tools. If you’re not currently on a license subscription with us, reach out to your team to learn more.
  3. Get Caliper Certified. Caliper’s Certification program combines e-learning with a 1-day workshop that gives you a deeper understanding of assessment interpretation and psychometrics, opens new doors to strategic talent management, and positions you as the in-house expert on Caliper. Learn more about Certification here.

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