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Using Your Caliper Consultant

About Caliper’s Consultants

Your Caliper Consultant is a valuable resource who can support you in applying the power of your Caliper data. 

Caliper Consultants are business professionals from various industry backgrounds who have undergone rigorous training in psychometrics, assessment interpretation, and the application of Caliper assessments for selection, coaching, development, and talent alignment. Their role is to provide a multi-dimensional view of assessment results so clients can make the most informed human-capital decisions possible.

By asking meaningful questions and providing insightful responses, Caliper Consultants help you to:

  • Understand assessment results in the context of job responsibilities
  • Understand the results on individual, employee-manager, team, and organizational levels 
  • Identify areas of focus for follow-up interviews
  • Develop coaching approaches for new hires and existing employees
  • Make the best use of Caliper’s products and services 

How to schedule a call with your Caliper Consultant

The best way to meet with your Consultant is to schedule time directly on their calendar from your Client Portal using these instructions. You can also call in to our customer-support line at (609)-524-1400 to be connected with your team. 

When to utilize your Caliper Consultant 

The most common reason for a consult call is to review the assessment results of an individual job candidate. For smaller organizations that assess candidates infrequently, the typical process is to schedule a call after receiving a notification that the candidate has completed the assessment and that the results are ready for review. 

For organizations that assess a high volume of candidates and/or have an annual subscription with Caliper, it can be time consuming and unnecessary to schedule calls for every single candidate. It often makes sense to save calls for leadership or other high-level roles or to wait until there are multiple candidates to discuss.

Some Caliper clients only schedule calls when they need an expert opinion. For example, what if the candidate interviews well but the assessment results don’t line up? Caliper Consultants give the context needed to make sense of those situations.  Other consulting calls are tied to staff-development projects and team-building programs, although those types of calls are usually scheduled and managed as part of a human resources or learning and development initiative. 

Note: Technical support and process-related calls (for example, “How do I send an assessment link?” or “Why can’t I view a report?”) should go to Caliper’s customer-support line at (609)-524-1400. You can also submit a support ticket online, or view our support portal for answers to all process-related questions.

Tips for getting the most out of your Caliper consult call

1. Review the assessment results ahead of the call

Instead of taking up your consult time with a walk-through of the results on your candidate, read and reflect on the report ahead of time so you can prepare questions and ask for clarification where you need it. If you wait until the call for a walk-through, you’ll be so busy trying to process the information that you might not think of the important questions until the call is already over. 

2. Have other data points handy

Your Caliper Consultant is an unbiased advisor who can help you interpret the assessment results. However, you may have additional information that can be useful for a deeper discussion, such as a record of your candidate’s job interview and work history/background.

It can also be helpful for the Consultant to know why the position is open (did someone leave, is it a new position, etc.). If you are not the hiring manager, try to gather as much information about the situation as you can before the call. Your Consultant will know what to do with these details.

3. Let your Consultant know ahead of time if you have specific points to discuss

If you use online/software-based scheduling tools, or even if you call in to our customer support team for scheduling, leave a note about your objective for the call. Are you concerned that the results don’t line up with your impression of the candidate? Do you want to compare the candidate’s results with those of a hiring manager we already have on file? Maybe you want to look at the candidate in a team context. Let us know ahead of time so we can have the right data and tools handy.

4. Get certified

You’ll get the most from your phone consults when you become Caliper Certified. After completing our certification program, you will have the advanced knowledge you need to review, study the findings, and understand this information in relation to the specific job. Then, when you talk to your Caliper Consultant, you can skip past the basics and have more meaningful conversations around talent-management strategy. 

If you’re an annual-subscription client, certification is typically built into your subscription. 

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