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Sales Job Models

Caliper offers the following validated sales Job Models

Account Development salespeople focus on expanding business within existing accounts. To do so, they strengthen relationships with their customers and work to develop new relationships through introductions or referrals. Salespeople in Account Development work to uncover client needs, match those needs to available products or services, and generate sales.

Account Service Specialists provide a good customer experience while also engaging in sales behaviors such as cross- or up-selling. They build rapport with clients in order to identify their needs, offer tailored advice about products or services, develop deeper relationships, and create opportunities to generate business by coming through for their customers. Their interactions can be with current customers or prospective buyers who already have interest in the products or services being offered.

Agency Recruiters are responsible for filling open job requisitions for organizations that they are serving. In addition, they work to build relationships with old and new accounts to win their staffing business. They typically interact with a hiring manager at the organizations they work with.

Consultative Selling involves winning business by consulting with customers in order to understand their true needs and provide solutions that effectively address those needs. Individuals in this type of role establish and then strengthen working relationships based on mutual trust and shared accountability, which allows them to question their clients and uncover root causes of stated issues. Through this process, Consultative Sellers provide compelling proposals, allowing them to close sales that turn into repeat business.

Corporate Recruiters work with hiring managers in their organization to understand open job requisitions and attract the best individuals to fill the open roles. Their role involves posting job descriptions, phone screening candidates, and setting up the interview process. They are often the first person to come in contact with a candidate, and they are responsible for building rapport and gaining the candidate’s interest in their company.

New Business Development salespeople focus on developing new business as opposed to nurturing existing accounts. They create opportunities by initiating contact with prospects, often through cold-calling, in order to generate interest in products or services.

Producers sell life, property, casualty, health, automotive, or other types of insurance. They may work as independent brokers, or be employed by an insurance company. They create opportunities by initiating contact with prospects, often through cold-calling, in order to generate interest in products or services. Insurance producers persuasively present their value proposition, find ways to get past initial resistance from prospects, and negotiate effectively in order to close sales.

Sales - Hunters are responsible for initiating contact with potential and current customers to generate and qualify leads, promote the company’s products and services, and identify sales opportunities. They must clearly and convincingly articulate the organization’s offerings and value proposition and overcome initial resistance from prospects.

Strategic Selling establishes expertise and business partnerships. This type of role leverages knowledge of the client’s business, industry, product, or marketplace to bring new insight, challenge assumptions, or ask difficult questions the customer may not have thought about. The Strategic Seller must establish the credibility to position herself or himself as a confident, strategic partner. Through this sales process, they are challenging their clients to find a deeper understanding of their business, the issues they face, and their path moving forward, which ultimately results in closed sales.

Technical Sales professionals generate sales opportunities by using their technical expertise and product or industry-specific knowledge. An individual in this type of role may be the primary salesperson in a technical or scientific sale or act as a subject-matter expert working in conjunction with another sales professional. Technical Sales professionals leverage their expertise to build credibility and gather important information or specifications, allowing them to propose targeted solutions and close sales.

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