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Service Job Models

Caliper offers the following validated service Job Models

Administrative Support Specialists perform a variety of tasks and are responsible for supporting other staff members, typically managers, or for ensuring smooth workflow. They coordinate work with others, schedule appointments, respond to inquiries, prepare documents, and complete assigned tasks accurately, often under time pressure.

Bank Tellers assist customers by completing various account transactions such as cashing checks, issuing savings withdrawals, and receiving deposits and loan payments. They follow established guidelines to record transactions and comply with bank operations and security procedures.

Client Service Specialists provide high-quality service in response to complex, technical, or second-tier issues. They settle complaints, often from difficult customers, by gathering information and answering questions. Client Service Specialists work to ensure customer satisfaction by balancing quality of service and speed of response. Although they are usually responding to current customers, Client Service Specialists may not have an existing relationship with the individual who requires service.

Customer Service Representatives provide after-sale support to enhance or maintain the value of the product or service purchased. They assist customers by answering questions, processing requests, handling complaints, and providing product or service support in order to ensure customer satisfaction. They are expected to place appropriate emphasis on quality of service and speed of response in their performance while upholding the organization’s goals.

The General Workforce model is for roles that require little or no previous training or education. It can be used with Caliper’s short Predictor assessment. This model is best used for roles where the incumbent needs to conscientiously and independently carry out assigned tasks. An individual in this type of position must follow established guidelines for quality and timeliness.

Processing Specialists process applications, claims, transactions, or information requests in compliance with designated guidelines. When information is inaccurate, incomplete, or does not otherwise meet compliance standards, they communicate with others to obtain the information needed to resolve these issues.

Service Associates interact with customers and provide service in a retail setting. They project an approachable, friendly demeanor to customers. They take ownership of customer issues and work to find answers to all customer inquiries, while conscientiously performing related administrative or operational tasks. Service Associates are also expected to diligently follow instructions from a supervisor.

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