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Selecting a Report Type

Choosing a report type

Caliper offers three primary reporting formats for viewing assessment results: Selection Essentials, Coaching Essentials, and the IDG Essentials (Individual Developmental Guide). Shortened selection reports are also available in the form of the Highlights Essentials and Quick View Essentials reports.  You can easily choose and generate these reports right from your Caliper Portal (learn how here). Knowing which report type to choose will help you get the best result from your Caliper experience. 

Selection report types

Selection Essentials

When you want to assess internal or external applicants for an open position, choose Selection Essentials. This tool shows you how closely your applicant fits the role you are trying to fill. View Example.   

Highlights Essentials

This report highlights the key takeaways of the Selection Essentials report, providing a briefer and more high-level read if desired.  View Example

Quick View Essentials

The Quick View Essentials report gives a snapshot of your candidate using a shortened assessment. It is best used for filtering candidates for high-volume hourly or entry-level roles. Speak with your Caliper Consultant to learn more.  View Example

Development report types

Coaching Essentials

When you want guidance about onboarding new hires, coaching veteran employees toward improved performance in existing roles, or preparing employees for future roles, choose Coaching Essentials. This tool is meant to support managers and supervisors in developing their team members. View Example

IDG Essentials

When you want a development report you can give directly to the assessee, choose the IDG Essentials. This tool empowers people to be active in their own professional and personal development. It’s designed to promote meaningful conversations between managers and team members, improve self-awareness, and increase accountability. Consider it a companion to the Coaching Essentials report. View Example

More about the IDG

If your goal is hiring, developing, and promoting successful, productive, and engaged employees, you have many tools at your disposal. Take full advantage of your Caliper subscription!

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