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How to Order Your First Assessment

The Client Portal will be your main tool to use when ordering assessments and reviewing results. This article will prepare you to successfully order a report for your assessee.

Step 1: Ordering reports and assessments

First, sign into the Caliper Portal ( This will bring you to the Dashboard page.

Click on the Order Report button in the upper left of the Dashboard.

The Order Reports/Assessments screen will appear.

Step 2: Creating a new job title

Click New to the right of the Job Title field. 

The New Job Title dialog appears. 

Once you are done with the description, Click Save

The Job Title successfully created screen should appear. Then Click OK.

Selecting Reports

When establishing a new Job Title, under Select Reports, you will see only the option to Let Caliper decide, which is our recommended best practice. With Let Caliper decide, a Caliper Account Consultant will review your job title and description and determine the best report option for this specific role. The next time you select this job title, you will be able to order a report right away.

(For existing job title, please click here

Step 3. Entering a new assessee

If an assessee has never completed a Caliper Profile assessment, that person has no information in our system, and you must follow these steps:

Click New next to the Assessees field. 

The New Assessee dialog shows.

Enter the new assessee's First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

Click Save. The Order Reports/Assessments screen reappears, with the name of the new assessee in the Assessees field.

(For an existing assessee, please click here)

Step 4. Optional areas

(For information on Proctored Assessments, click here.)

( For information on Tags, click here.)

Step 5. Placing the order

To place the order, perform the following:

  1. Make certain all required fields on the Order Reports screen are filled in.
  2. Click Place Order. The Report/Assessment Successfully Ordered dialog appears, allowing you to review everything that you have entered.

Step 6. Review orders and reports

To review your orders/reports, go to your Reports tab at the top of your screen.

From there, you can scan your recent reports for the assessee in question, or search—in the appropriate field—by job title or the assessee’s name. Make sure that the Show Pending Assessments box is checked, as shown below, to see the assessments that have not yet been completed.

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