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Quickstart Guide to the Caliper Portal

Your Caliper Portal can be accessed at

When you log into the portal, you will see this screen (some menu items may vary depending on your account options or user permissions).

Navigating the main menu bar

Dashboard: The Dashboard page is a shortcut to ordering new assessments or viewing recent reports. From anywhere in the portal, clicking the Caliper logo or the Dashboard tab in the banner will return to this page.

Reports: This tab brings you to the View Reports page, which provides a variety of useful features for managing and sorting reports. This page allows you to filter by report type, date, or job title when searching assessment results. You can also click on report icons for quick views of individual reports. 

Hiring Status: Here, you can track and edit which assessees have been hired, not hired, or are still pending. Click here for a more detailed description of the features on this page.

Analytics: For accounts with a Caliper Analytics™ subscription, this tab allows you to strategically leverage your assessment data for hiring, development, succession, and workforce planning through a dynamic platform. Click here for a more detailed description of Caliper Analytics™ features.

Help: This tab takes you to our client support page that answers all your portal-related questions. If you would like to talk to a Customer Support Specialist, click the Submit a Support Ticket button at the upper right of this page. You can return to the portal at any time via the link in the upper right. You can also get support directly from your portal by scrolling to the bottom of any page and clicking the support button.

Additional Menus

Below the main menu bar is a submenu with additional features. 

Account: By clicking your user name, you can edit your account profile information.

Settings: Here, you can add new users, edit existing jobs in the system, and send out a single assessment link to multiple candidates for the same job using order templates. You can also change display preferences for Caliper Analytics™. Note: Your settings features may vary depending on account options and user permissions. 

Companies: Users who administer assessments for more than one company (for example, as part of a parent company overseeing assessments for a family of smaller companies) may see a Companies tab that enables toggling between companies.

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