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Development Success Guide

What does Caliper add to the development process?

Your Caliper license includes unlimited access to Coaching Essentials reports and Individual Developmental Guides for your employees. These tools help your employees gain self-awareness, tap into their motivations and unique talents, and focus on positive change and action. Moreover, they give your managers a springboard to support employees’ growth right at the onboarding stage and beyond.  

Development reporting options

Your Caliper subscription includes unlimited use of two powerful tools to support you in developing your employees. We strongly recommend generating both of these reports as part of your onboarding process and employee development programs. If you’re not currently on a license subscription with us, you can reach out to your team to learn more.

The Coaching Essentials (view interactive sample) report is designed for the individual’s coach or manager. It gives you a detailed look at how individuals approach the role’s key competencies, highlights their work styles, and offers coaching questions to encourage growth. 

The Individual Developmental Guide (IDG) (view interactive sample) is designed for the employee and empowers people to be active in their own professional and personal development.  Application Guides that recommend best practices for using the IDG are available in employee-facing and manager-facing formats.

Where should I start?

Here are three easy ways to kickstart using Caliper for development:

  1. Make the IDG and Coaching Essentials part of your onboarding process. The first 90 days of the job are critical for employee retention and engagement. It’s also when managers and new employees learn how to communicate and work together effectively. Provide your new employee with an IDG and the manager with the Coaching Essentials report as early as possible. Managers can use these reports to forge a strong working relationship, tailor training efforts, and help the employee take the reins of their professional development.

  2. Integrate the IDG and Coaching Essentials into your performance management process. Continuous feedback and performance reviews are often a key component of the talent management process. The Coaching Essentials report provides the manager with actionable recommendations for the employee. This is particularly powerful when reviewing performance feedback with high-performing employees. The employee can leverage the IDG to identify key strengths, personal growth areas, and recommendations for ongoing development.

  3. Prepare your coaches and managers to understand and utilize Caliper tools. The Manager’s Guide to the IDG is an excellent resource to support the coaching process. We also offer an accredited, in-depth Certification program that provides advanced training to understand and make use of Caliper’s tools. If nothing else, ensure that managers are informed of these key points:

  1. The Caliper Profile is not a pass/fail assessment.
  2. It should be just one input to your developmental decision-making process.
  3. Avoid becoming hung up on one aspect of an employee’s personality. Instead, look at the entire person in the context of their work experience.
  1. Take full advantage of your subscription benefits. Your Caliper subscription includes unlimited access to the IDG and Caliper Essentials tools. When, or even before, a development need arises, make the generation of these reports a routine part of your process. You can order multiple reports at any time by pulling up the individual’s name from the Order Reports/Assessments menu of your Caliper Portal and selecting the tool(s) you’d like to generate. For instructions on ordering, visit Ordering a Report/Assessment.  If you’re not currently on a license subscription with us, reach out to your team to learn more.

Caliper’s coaching services

Caliper offers a customized, focused coaching process that supports change and goal attainment. Our coaches bring years of experience in working with the Caliper Profile and an objective third-party perspective to the table. Coaching is an invaluable experience for supporting executives, high-potential employees, underperformers, and more. If you have a need for an external coach who’s an expert at using the Caliper Profile results to inform employee development, talk to your account team

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