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Understanding Your Caliper Subscription

Welcome to your Caliper subscription! 

Your subscription puts unlimited Caliper reports at your fingertips so you can meet the constantly changing needs of your business. It's designed to help you stay on budget and move from recruiting to coaching without hesitation.

You now have unlimited access to our complete Caliper Essentials report suite - powered by our scientifically validated assessment, the Caliper Profile - for selection, coaching, and development.  With Caliper Essentials reports, you are leveraging the science of over 50 validated job models, 56 competencies, and 280 workplace behaviors to help you make data-driven talent management decisions.

Your success path with Caliper

Your Caliper subscription was designed to put Caliper’s tools for talent management success at your fingertips. Caliper will support you on your path to success. 

You can learn how to get started with each leg of this path in our success guides below:

Success Guide: Certification

Success Guide: Selection

Success Guide: Development

Success Guide: Training and Coaching

Success Guide: Analytics


What’s included?

Your Caliper subscription includes unlimited use of the following resources:

  • Selection Essentials – Interpretative report that includes a fit score, specific behavioral interview questions, and onboarding tips.
  • Highlights Essentials – Summary report that highlights candidate scores and overall job fit.
  • Coaching Essentials – Coaching guide to help managers coach, develop, and onboard an employee.
  • Individual Developmental Guide – Detailed development report for employees that promotes self-awareness and provides tailored development suggestions.
  • Quick View Essentials – Screener report to help quickly assess hourly or high-volume roles.


Your subscription may also include one or more of our featured add-ons:

  • Verbal Consults: Work with a trained Caliper Consultant to help you further interpret Caliper Profile results and how you will see them play out with your assessees and in your organization. LEARN MORE
  • Caliper Certification: Gain an in-depth understanding of behaviors, traits, and competencies so that you can serve as your in-house resource and earn credentials recognized by SHRM and HRCI. LEARN MORE
  • Caliper Analytics™: Get instant access to your talent data via our Analytics dashboard so you can make talent decisions on the fly. LEARN MORE

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