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What is the Talent Audit Report


The Talent Audit Report is an ideal tool for developing groups or teams.  It looks at your group’s Caliper results in combination to help you understand: 

  • Patterns in strengths or challenges for the group
  • How the group looks as a whole in terms of potential job fit and relevant behaviors
  • Possible training or development needs 
  • How each person’s work approach plays out in relationship to the others in the group
  • How to leverage the different styles within the group to make it as effective as possible

The report focuses around a specific job model to compile the group's Caliper results.  It can be produced for groups between 5 and 50 people.

Tip: This report’s content sings best when leveraged in team building workshops or other engagements where you can put these insights into action. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can support or facilitate your team building initiative.

Structure of the report

The Talent Audit Report is broken into three sections to make it easy to find the content that applies to your goals:

1. Group Analysis - 

  • Composite Graph - trends and averages in team scoring (Click here for interpretation).
  • Patterns Across the Group - breakdown of strong, moderate, and weak scores (Click here for interpretation).
  • Competency/Behavior Potential Overview - summary-level look at the group's potential, ranked from strongest to weakest 
  • Top and Bottom Behaviors - the four highest and lowest scores for the group as a whole.

2. Individual Potential 

  • Heat maps - each individual’s potential on each key score for the job model (Click here for interpretation).
  • Style plots for the group in each of the five style categories (Click here for interpretation).  

3. Individual With the Group

  • Scores for each individual overlaid on the group composite.  

You can learn more about interpreting each section of the report in this guide.

To Generate a Talent Audit Report

From Caliper Analytics™

See this article for detailed instructions on building Talent Audit Reports from Caliper Analytics™

From your account team

If you are not subscribed to Caliper Analytics™, you can order this report directly from your Caliper team. Your team will need the following information to build your report:

  • The name of the team
  • The full name of each person on the team (minimum of five people)
  • The job model against which you’d like the team compared

Additional Resources:

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