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Generating Talent Audit Reports

What You'll Need

To make a Talent Audit Report, you’ll need three main pieces of information handy.

  1. The name of the group
  2. The full name of each person in the group (minimum of five people, maximum of 25)
  3. The job model against which you’d like the group compared

If you’re subscribed to Caliper Analytics, you can generate a TAR anytime using the steps below.  If not, you can provide this information to your Caliper team to request a report.

From Caliper Analytics

Your Caliper Analytics™ subscription includes the ability to generate Talent Audit Reports at any time.  Learn how in this video, or read detailed steps below.

  1. From the Analytics tab of your client portal, click cTalent.
  2. Choose a job model on which to focus the report.
  3. Add a minimum of 5 individuals (maximum 25) who should be included in the report.
  4. Scroll down.  From the Export menu, select Talent Audit Report.
  5. Enter a name for your report, and select Ok.  Allow some time while the system creates your report.  When ready, the report will open as a PDF.

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