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AIM Learning System FAQs

I have questions about navigating the website. Who should I reach out to for help?
For technical support, click here to submit a support ticket. Please include the following information to help us diagnose and resolve the issue:
  • Operating system and browser (including version).
  • Description of the problem/behavior/issue.
  • Screenshots are always welcome! Please include them as an attachment, instead of pasting them within the message.
  • Your geographical location and the type of connection you are using.
How can I see which content I have (or have not) completed in each module?
A check mark is displayed once you have completed everything in that section. In a module, you’ll see a green check mark in the header after each session you complete.
Is there a way to look up modules I’ve completed?
On the homepage, you’ll see badges for all the modules you’ve completed.
How can I see all of my progress?
From the homepage, you can view your progress by clicking on “Recently Completed Activity” and then “View Your Progress.”
Do I need to look at all content in a module, or can I choose?
There are introductory videos at the beginning of each module to help guide you in your study. You only need to view them for the first few modules; after that, they are no longer needed and are not required. You won’t need to complete the content in order, but you will have to complete all the content before taking the Knowledge Check at the end of the module.
How do I earn badges?
You can earn badges after successfully completing the Knowledge Check at the end of each module.
Can I access this site from my iPad or smartphone?
Computer and tablet are the preferred methods of completion. If you lose Wi-Fi connection, you will not be logged out; when your connection is re-established, just continue where you left off.
How do I know where to begin?
You should begin with a module from your Recommended Modules list. These are competencies that were selected for you based on your Individual Developmental Guide and input from your manager.
How do I add my badge(s) to my LinkedIn account?
  1. From your computer, on the AIM Learning System home page, right click on the badge you want to share and select ”Copy Image Address.”
  2. Go to LinkedIn and log in to your account.
  3. Go to your Profile by clicking on your picture at the top of the screen, select the dropdown, and click “View Profile.”
  4. Click on the “Add Profile Section” button to select the section you want to display badges (for example, “About” and then “Summary”) and click the plus icon.
  5. Click on the “Link'” button to show the box to paste in a link.
  6. Right click in the box and select paste.
  7. Press the “Add” button.
  8. Add a Title and Description and click “Apply”. Then, on the next screen, click “Save.”

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