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Interpreting Heat Maps in cMetrics


Heat maps are a useful feature included in the cMetrics panel in Caliper Analytics™. Heat maps show people’s data points side by side in a straightforward grid. Heat maps help you:

  • Easily spot trends and see who stands out in terms of strength or weakness

  • Identify which behaviors a person can use to balance out their weak spots.

Interpreting Heat Maps

When interpreting heat maps, watch for these key patterns: 

  1. Trending strength down a column

  2. Trending weakness down a column

  3. Pockets of green or red that stand out

Questions to ask of the data:

  1. Looking column by column, do you see vertical trends of green or red? These indicate overall strengths or challenges for the group. How do those trends connect to what the group is working on now?

  2. Do you notice any pockets of green or red that stand out from the rest of the group? Which individuals stand out? What are each of their areas of strength or potential difficulty? 

  3. What training or development initiatives would be most helpful to the group as a whole? To specific people? 

  4. How can the strengths shown help relieve weak points at the group level and for each person? How can the group members support one another?

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