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Interpreting Styles Plots in cTalent

Overview and applications

Caliper’s styles plots allow you to easily compare and visualize the work styles of a team. Styles plots can be generated from the cTalent tab in Caliper Analytics™.

There are five major style categories available to illustrate these dynamics:

  1. Teaming styles influence the roles we tend to play on collaborative teams.

  2. Communication styles shape the way we prefer to exchange ideas with others.

  3. Interpersonal styles shape how we prefer to engage with others in our work.

  4. Problem Solving and Decision Making styles affect how we weigh information and make choices in our work.

  5. Personal Organization and Time Management styles shape how we approach process and organize our work.

Interpreting styles plots

The following detailed guides can be used by leaders and team members to interpret styles plots:

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