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Caliper Analytics FAQs

When would I use cMetrics?

cMetrics, the default tab after clicking Analytics from the Banner Menu, is most helpful when:

  1. Searching through your applicant pool or current talent for specific strengths or qualities
  2. Sorting individuals by their degree of strength
  3. Visualizing the relative strengths and challenges across a group

For more, see Working with cMetrics.
When would I use cTalent?

cTalent, the second tab available when you click on Analytics from the banner menu, is best used for:

  • Looking at patterns in work approach across a group
  • Identifying areas of common strength or developmental needs for a group
  • Building and developing functional or cross-functional teams
  • Helping individuals relate to the group in terms of their own strengths and challenges.

For more, see Working with cTalent

What is the difference between the Client Portal and Caliper Analytics?

The Client Portal is a universal tool where all Caliper users can set up, track, and view their assessments and reports. Caliper Analytics is an award-winning data analytics interface that provides additional tools for sorting and visualizing assessment data. Users with an Analytics subscription can access Caliper Analytics through its own tab in the Client Portal.

Why is a known assessee not appearing?

Please try the following:

  1. If you’re working in cMetrics, clear any date ranges or job titles you’ve used to narrow your search. Ensure all sliders allow for the full range of scores from 1 to 100.
  2. Check to see if the assessment is still pending. Go to the Reports tab (1) and search (2) for the assessee’s name. If the Status/Potential column shows Pending or Started (3), the person has not yet completed the assessment.
  3. If you are an authorized Analytics user for multiple companies, click the Companies menu at the top right and ensure that you have selected the right company profile.

If you still cannot find your assessee, please consult your Caliper contact, who will take internal steps to resolve the issue.

Is there a limit to the number of metrics I can select in cMetrics?

cMetrics limits you to 17 metrics. For example, you can choose one job match, five competencies, and 11 behaviors, or any other combination totaling up to 17 metrics.

If you attempt to select an 18th metric, this warning will display:
Metric maximum warning

Can Caliper Analytics integrate with my ATS?
Yes! See this article for details about ATS integration.
Where can I receive training on Caliper Analytics?

Your Caliper team can offer you customized support and training to ensure you gain the most value from Caliper Analytics. Reach out to your team to learn more, or start out with our Analytics Success Guide and other online resources.

Can I change the red-yellow-green color palette in my results?


  1. At the top right of the page, click Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Preferences tab.
  3. Choose the colors you prefer.
  4. If creating a custom palette, click each color swatch to define your colors.
How do I interpret my analysis?

You can get help by contacting your Caliper Consultant, or you can start with these articles:

I’ve added people to my analysis, but no results are coming up.

To create a view of your results, Caliper Analytics requires two pieces of information:

  1. The people you’d like to investigate
  2. The metrics on which you want to focus

If you’ve added people already, you may still need to add metrics by following these steps.

  • In cMetrics: Click Select Metrics and choose up to 17 metrics to analyze.
  • In cTalent: Select a job model from the drop-down list:
How can I save my analysis so I can find it later?
  • Once you have built your view by adding both people and metrics to your analysis, click the Save button at the top right of the screen.
  • To open it again later, select it from the blue Views menu to the left.

Note: You must open your analysis from the same panel you saved it in. cMetrics saved views are opened from cMetrics, and cTalent views are opened from cTalent.

How can I print or share analysis results?

To download or print results, click the Export button at the right hand side of the page. You can export to a PDF, which can be shared or printed. In the case of cMetrics, you also have the option to export to a CSV format.

Some of the scores aren’t coming up for my employee.

If you see some scores, but not others, for an individual, it could be for one of these reasons:

  • The assessment is so old that it is incompatible with some of our more advanced scoring capabilities, such as competencies.
  • The individual took a shortened assessment, such as the Predictor Plus, which does not measure certain Caliper traits.

In these cases, the solution is usually to invite the individual to either retake the assessment or complete the remaining parts of the assessment in order to complete their scores. Reach out to your Caliper team for support in investigating further.

What are job models/competencies/behaviors/traits?
You can learn all about Caliper’s score metrics in this article.
Which job model should I select in cTalent?
You should choose the model that best relates to the work your team is performing. For help getting acquainted with our job models, check out this article.

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