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Exporting a View

To export a view from Caliper Analytics:

  1. Start by opening or building a view in cMetrics or cTalent.
  2. Configure your view the way you would like to see it exported. The export will align with what is currently shown.  For instance, if you are looking at a Team Styles Plot with Show Names unchecked, your export will hide individuals’ names. If you have configured your cTalent grid to Show Behaviors or Show Job Match, these data points will be included in your export, etc.
  3. Click the Export button to the upper right of your analysis results to see the pull-down options.
  4. Choose whether to export to .pdf or .csv formats, depending on the type of data at hand (see table below). If your goal is to sort or manipulate your data, use a .csv (spreadsheet) format. To generate a visual for print or presentation, use a .pdf format. 
Analysis TypeExportable to .pdfExportable to .csv
cMetrics - GridYesYes
cMetrics - Comparison RadarYes
cTalent - GridYesYes
cTalent - Group AnalysisYes
cTalent - Team Style PlotsYes

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