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Retaking the Caliper Profile

You may want to request a new Profile when more than five years have passed since the assessee completed the previous one, or if the assessee experienced difficult testing conditions during the initial attempt (an excessively noisy environment, undue time constraints, or other distractions that could hinder concentration).  See our retesting guidelines for more about when and why to retest.

Note: An assessee with up-to-date results does not need to retake the Caliper Profile when being evaluated for a new or different position. The existing scores can be applied.

If an assessee needs to retake the Caliper Profile, the process is similar to ordering a first-time assessment.

  1. From your Caliper Dashboard, click Order Report. A new page will open.
  2. Type in the job title and select from the options that appear, or click the New icon beside it to enter a new job title. 
  3. Type in the assessee’s name and select their existing record from the options.
  4. Selecting the assessee will bring up a pop-up box with the assessee’s details.  Provide the updated email address for the assessee, and be sure to click Yes for reassessment. Click Save when finished.
    Important: If the assessee completed a Profile less than one year ago, you will not see the reassessment option. Please call Caliper Support at 609-524-1200 so we can enable the reassessment.
  5. Fill out the rest of the order page and select Place Order when finished. For detailed instructions about the order page, see this article.
  6. When viewing reports from the View Reports page (after the reassessment has been completed), you can differentiate multiple assessments for the same person by selecting the caret to the left of the order link and then selecting Show details to see the assessment date.

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