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Ordering Additional Reports for an Existing Assessee

To order a new report for an assessee who's already on file:

  1. From the Dashboard, select Order Report.
  2. Select or add the Job Title you’d like to focus on in the report(s).
  3. Begin typing the Assessee Name, and select from the names that appear. 
  4. Select the reports you would like to receive by checking their respective boxes. You can choose any or all reports from among the Default Report and Alternative/Additional Reports.

    If you are not sure which report you need, this article may help you decide: Selecting a Report Type. If you would like advice from a Caliper Consultant on the appropriate reports, check Let Caliper decide.  If the job title is new to your account, Let Caliper decide will be checked by default.
  5. Complete and submit the rest of your order as normal.

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