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Proctoring an Assessment

If you prefer to have an assessee complete the Caliper Profile in a monitored environment, such as your office or an affiliate location, you can set up a proctored assessment. The process is similar to setting up an at-home assessment.

Step 1: Set up

  1. From your Caliper Dashboard, click Order Report. A new page will open.
  2. Fill in the required fields on your order as you normally do.
  3. In the Optional Settings area, Select Proctored Assessment.
  4. Choose whether you want the assessment link sent to you or to a proctor in another location. Enter the email address of your proctor, or your own email address if you plan to administer the assessment yourself. Do not use the assessee’s email address.
  5. Click Place Order.
  6. The email address chosen in step 4 will receive a welcome message with a link to the Caliper Profile questionnaire.

Step 2: Opening the assessment

When the person is ready to begin the Caliper Profile at the designated location, you can access the link in either of two ways: 

Starting the Assessment from Email: 

  1. Click the link provided in the welcome email. 

Starting the Assessment from the Client Portal:

  1. Log into the portal, select the Reports page, and locate the assessee’s name. 
  2. Click the caret to the left of the name and select Start proctored assessment from the dropdown.
  3. Click Yes to leave the portal and start the proctored assessment. 
  4. Click Accept. A new page will open.  Note: The assessee will not be able to click back into your Caliper portal.

Step 3: Instructing the assessee to begin

  1. Ask the assessee to verify the information in the salutation and name fields. 
  2. Ask the assessee to register by entering an email address and creating a password. The purpose of this step is to prevent anyone else from accessing the assessment while it is being completed, in the event that the assessee takes a break or must return at a later time to finish. Alternately, the assessee may use a select social media or web account to register. This is not preferred.  Note: The registration is necessary for completing the assessment only. Caliper will not contact the assessee, and the assessee cannot access the Profile results.
  3. The Caliper Assessment page will open. The assessee clicks Take Assessment to begin. 

Step 4: Test environment and proctoring

  • Provide the assessee with a quiet environment free of distractions.  
  • The assessment typically takes around 60-75 minutes to complete, but it should not be timed.  
  • The individual should not use their cell phone or internet connection to seek feedback on assessment questions.  
  • Calculators and scratch paper are permitted.
  • Contact Caliper if you have any questions about accommodations for assessees with disabilities.  

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